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Washingtonia robusta

The Washingtonia robusta is a majestic palm, easily recognizable by its slender brown scaly trunk and full leaf crown. This palm has a crown with 20-30 leaves, which can reach a diameter up to 2 meters. 
In optimum conditions, the Washingtonia palm can reach a height of 25-30 meters.

If the dead leaves are not cut away, they will hang around the trunk of the palm like a skirt (petticoat), hence the name Petticoat palm.

The Washingtonia robusta can be kept in coastal areas, like boulevards, but also they are used in parks and gardens.
These palms are palms with high temperature endurance and needs exposure to full sun.
In winter the Washingtonia robusta resists temperatures up to -6/-8 degrees.
The Washingtonia robusta palm is native to northern Mexico and the southwestern United States

Names  worldwide used for the Washingtonia robusta palms;

In Spanish : Palmera de abanico mexicana
In German : Priesterpalme,  Mexikanische Washingtonpalme, Petticoat-palme
In Hebrew : וושינגטוניה חסונה
In English : Skyduster palm, Mexican fan palm, Mexican washingtonia, Petticoat palm
In Dutch : Mexicaanse waaierpalm
In Arabic :  واشنطونيا متينة ,
In French : Palmier éventail du Méxique
In Italian : Palma messicana
In Russian : Пальма вашингтония , Washingtonia moshchnaia
In Japanese : ワシントンヤシモドキ
In Chinese :  华盛顿棕华盛顿葵

The plus points for the Washingtonia robusta palm trees ;

* Growing quickly.
* Easy transplantation. The will recover and re-root  quickly.
* Easy to maintain.
* Affordable prices.
* Perfect for adding a tropical look.
* Large quantities available.

We can supply the Washingtonia robusta in rootball, but also grown in container.

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