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Phoenix dactylifera

The Phoenix dactylifera  palm tree is one of the most beautiful and elegant palm in the world.
The Phoenix dactylifera, or date palm, probably originates from around the Persian Gulf. 
This palm is one of the most sold and cultivated palms in the world.  In Arabia and North Africa the Phoenix dactylifera palms are grown for it’s sweet edible fruit, called dates. 
This elegant feather palm is easily recognizable by its slender brown trunk of 25-35 cm in diameter, which can reach a height of 15-20 meters.
An adult Phoenix dactylifera  has a crown with a diameter of 6-10 meters, with up to 30 long slightly curved leaves. 

The leaves of the datepalm are blue/grey and are 4-6 meters long and approx. 60 cm wide. with 60-100 linear leaves on each side of the main vein. The leaf stalk of the Phoenix  dactylifera is covered with sharp long spines at the beginning of the stalk.  If the female Phoenix dactylifera palm is pollinated by a male palm, it will flower with inflorescences of 100-120 cm, which ultimately will become dates. Therefore the name date palm. The sweet dates are a delicacy in many countries.

Names  worldwide used for the Phoenix dactylifera  palms;

In Spanish : Palma datilera, Datilero
In German : Echte dattelpalme
In Crotatian : Datulja
In English : Date palm
In Dutch : Echte dadelpalm
In Arabic :  نخلة 
In French :  Palmier dattier
In Italian : Palma di dattero
In Persian : خرما
In Japanese :  ナツメヤシ
In Chinese :  海枣 : Supplier of the date palm Phoenix dactylifera.  Directly form the fields in rootball, but also available grown in container.


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