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Phoenix canariensis

The Phoenix canarariensis  palm tree is one of the most beautiful palms in the world.

The Phoenix canariensis, or Canary palm, originates from the Canary Islands. 
This majestic feather palm is easily recognizable by its characteristics solid brown trunk of 40-50 cm in diameter, which can reach a height of 20-30 meters . In younger Phoenix canariensis palms, the shape of the stem is like a pineapple, that is why  the Phoenix canariensis is also called pineapple palm tree.  An adult Phoenix canariensis has a crown with a diameter of 6-10 meters, with up to 50 long curved dark green leaves. 

The leaves of the Phoenix canariensis are elongated, 4-6 meters long, with 60-100 linear leaves on each side of the main vein. The leaf stalk of the Phoenix canariensis is green/yellow with sharp long spines at the beginning of the stalk. 

Names  worldwide used for the Phoenix canariensis palms;

In Spanish : Palmera canaria, Palma canaria
In German : Kanarische dattelpalme
In Crotatian : Kanarska datulja
In English : Canary date palm, Pineapple palm tree
In Dutch : Canarische dadelpalm
In Arabic :  نخيل الكناري
In French :  Palmier des Canaries
In Italian : Palma delle Canarie
In Georgian : ფინიკის პალმა
In Japanese :  カナリーヤシ
In Chinese :  加拿利海枣

We can supply the Phoenix canariensis  directly form the fields in rootball, but also grown in container.

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