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Cyca revoluta

The Cyca revoluta  ; Sagopalm.
The Cyca revoluta is actually no palm at all. Cycads are actually related to conifers and ginkgo trees and have been on our planet for over 200 million years. Fossils from these Cycads are found worldwide.  Normally the Cyca revoluta does not exceed 1.5-3 meters, but some specimens are known to be 6 meters high.  The stiff leathery feather-shaped leaves of the Cyca revoluta are glossy dark green in color and reach  50 to 90 cm in length.
The leaves are arranged in the form of a rosette.
The trunk of the sago palm is dark brown upright, rough and about 20-25 cm diameter.
This sago palm is native to southern Japan and China and requires a warm climate without frost.

Names  worldwide used for the Cyca revoluta palms;

In Spanish : Sagutero
In German : Sagopalme
In Japanese : ソテツ
In Chinese : 琉球苏铁
In English : Sago palm, Sago cycad
In Dutch : Vredespalm
In French :   Cycas du Japon
In Italian : palma da sago
In Russian : Саговник поникающий 
In Polish : Sagowiec odwinięty
In Greek : Κύκας
In Hungarian : Japán cikász

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