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Chamaerops humilis

The Chamaerops humilis  palm tree ; European Dwarf palm.

The Chamaerops humilis is the only native European palm species from the western part of the Mediterranean sea area where they grow in nature under the most questionable conditions. The Chamaerops humilis palm tree also occurs in the regions around the Black Sea and in North Africa.

The European dwarf palm is a fairly easy plant. It is a typical fan palm that grows up compactly like a bushy shrub with multiple trunks. The Chamaerops humilis palm tree can reach an extreme height of 4-5 meters, but usually it stays at 1 or 2 meters. The petioles are short and full of spines, so be careful! The Chamaerops humilis can withstand extreme droughts. If the Chamaerops humilis is in a tub or planter, it is advisable to water the palm tree regularly.

The Chamaerops Humilis tolerates many different conditions, but the best conditions for the Chamaerops humilis are full sun to light shade. Temperature in dry winters: -10 ° C / -12 ° C 

Names  worldwide used for the Chamaerops humilis  palms;
In Spanish : Palmera de Palmito, Palmitera
In German : Zwergpalme
In Crotatian : Mediteranska lepezasta palma
In English : Mediterranean dwarf palm, Europaean fan palm
In Dutch : Europese dwergpalm
In Arabic :  لكاميروبس
In French :  Palmier nain, Palmier doum
In Italian : Palma nana
In Greek : Χαμαίρωπας χαμηλός
In Croatian :  Mediteranska lepezasta palma
In Russian :  Хамеропс низкий

We can supply the Chamaerops humilis palms directly form the fields in rootball, but also available grown in container.







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