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Brahea armata

The Brahea armata  palm tree ; Blue hesper palm.
The Brahea armata  is a fan palm with very beautiful blue leaves. This palm has a crown with 15-30 leaves. The leaves can reach a diameter up to 1-1.5 meters. 
In optimum conditions, the slow growing Brahea palm can reach a trunk height of 10-15 meters, with a diameter of 45 cm.
The Brahea armata  can be kept in parks and gardens in Mediterranean and Subtropical climates. 
These palms  resist  cool, moist winters and hot summers, and can also grow on poor and rocky soils.
In winter the Brahea armata resists temperatures up to -6/-8 degrees.
The Brahea armata palm is native to northern Mexico and California.

Names  worldwide used for the Brahea armata palms;
In Spanish : Palmera azul
In German : Blaue Hesperidenpalme
In Japanese : ブラヘア アルマータ
In English : Blue hesper Palm, Mexican blue palm
In Dutch : Mexicaanse blauwe palm, Blauwe hesper palm
In French :   Palmier bleu du Mexique
In Italian : Palma blu del Messico

We supply the Brahea armata in  rootball, but also available grown in container.

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