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Bismarckia nobilis

The Bismarckia nobilis palm tree ; Bismarckpalm-Silver palm.
The Bismarckia nobilis  is one  of the must stunning  fan palms in the world  with very beautiful blue/silver  leaves.  This palm has a crown with 15-30 leaves. The leaves can reach a diameter up to 6-7 meters. 
In their natural habitat the slow growing  Bismarckia can reach a trunk height of 25 meters, with a diameter of 35-45 cm, but usual the trunk doesn’t get higher then 10-12 meters.
The Bismarckia nobilis  can be kept in parks and gardens in Mediterranean and Subtropical climates. 
The Bismarckia nobilis palm is native to Madagascar.

Names  worldwide used for the Bismarckia nobilis palms;

In Spanish : Palmera de Bismarck
In German : Bismarck-Palme
In Japanese : ビスマルキア
In English : Bismarck palm, Silver palm
In Dutch : Bismark palm
In French :   Palmier de Bismarck
In Portugese : Palmeira Azul
In Russian : Бисмаркия благородная

We supply the Bismarckia nobilis in  rootball, but also available grown in container.

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